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Awesome Colour Schemes for Your Baby’s Room

There are so many things to start planning once that stick turns blue, but one of those things we all look forward to is designing bub’s new room.

No doubt there are going to be a few points of difference between the parents-to-be. Future-Mum might want a gender-neutral room while soon-to-be-Dad wants to paint the place pink. But it doesn’t have to be a terse experience trawling through colour swabs and Pinterest inspo (we personally LOVE an excuse to populate a new board with spiffy ideas!) to find mutual tastes.

Let’s launch ourselves passionately into the great, big, bright and beautiful world of kid’s bedroom colour scheming. Because, if we’re honest, there are some real doozies out there and we’re feeling a more than a little bedroom envy for these toddlers of the 21st century.

Woodland colour scheme

The woodland colour scheme and bedroom theme is a popular choice for those wanting to invoke imagination in baby’s bedroom. Combine forest greens with navy blue in your paint palette and décor and throw in some rustic timber furniture.

With a gender-neutral green the predominant colour, this is a great bedroom design for baby girl or boy as well as the adventure-seeking parent. Green shades promote health and wellbeing, which you’re definitely going to crave during those insomniac first few months. But it also has a tranquil effect, resting the body and mind and helping to promote sleep (fingers crossed!).

Emphasise the woodland imagery with a tree mural or decal on the walls. We love what Decoist has done in this nursery:

woodland styled nursery for baby

Pretty pastels

Pastels are back! But not as you think … Oh no, we’re not talking commonplace baby pink here. Pastel colour schemes for nurseries have become much classier than that.

Combine subtle shades – powder blue, lavender or soft pink – with grey, taupe or a creamy white. It creates a gently tinted space that will look cool and calming.

pastel purple and white nurseryPhoto courtesy of Homedit.

Primary colours

Maybe you don’t want a cool, calm and collected look, but rather an explosion of colour that signifies the new life literally bursting into your days.

Primary colours – pops of red, blue, green and yellow – can saturate a room, which means it’s best to combine them with a crisp white background. This is a bold, contrasting room that is bound to attract attention and invigorate the imagination.

Try not to exceed five large areas of colour. The more colour-cluttered your nursery, the more distracting and tense the area will become.

nursery using primary colour stripesImage courtesy of Houzz.

Neutral tones

If primary colours are a bit too bold for your tastes, you might want to step it back a notch with a room in neutral shades. This is the kind of room that can be reworked time and again as your child begins to grow and want to shape his or her surroundings.

Cool neutrals – a gentle mash-up of soft whites, creams, beiges and greys – are the hit colour scheme of the 21st century. They represent innocence – a fitting symbolism – and space, if the BBC’s Psychology of Colour is anything to go by.

As with the pastel theme, you can add hints of colour – soft, indiscrete touches of rose, navy blue or aqua, or bright pops of red or yellow.

gender neutral baby bedroomImage courtesy of Mobile Mandala.

Think about your own needs

Now you’re having a baby, you’re going to hear time and again how selfless being a parent is. And it’s true, you’re going to be sacrificing A LOT of your needs to make sure your little gem remains radiant.

But we think you can treat yourself a little bit in baby’s bedroom design. After all, on those relentless sleepless nights with a screaming bub, you’re going to be hunkering down in baby’s room, exhausted as if you had a hangover (like back in the old days), half nodding off as you pat little boo’s back and will him or her to sleep.

So why shouldn’t you have a say in the colour scheme? You should, dammit. And what’s more you will. You’re going to pick a colour scheme that makes you excited about spending endless 3ams rocking the cradle and wrestling between cursing and kissing baby … Or maybe not.

Oh yes, getting the colour right is vital … For you as well as baby. So we say you kick up your heels and pick the one colour scheme idea that sings to you. After all, baby isn’t going to appreciate your hard work for a few years yet, and even then, he or she is going to want to add their own décor additions with crayon smears right across the walls.

You might have noticed here at Bobux we love the power of colour. Whether we’re contrasting a bold primary colour with black, such as in our X range or defying predefined gender colours in our specific boys and girls ranges, we’re constantly looking for new, striking colour designs. Check out our full range of kids shoes today.