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Guide to Kids Foot Width & Choosing the Right Shoe Width


Fitting kids' shoes and understanding foot width can be a challenge. While our little ones grow, their feet continually change in both width and length. It can be especially challenging when your child has wide or narrow feet! It’s important to ensure kids are fitted in the right shoes to encourage natural and healthy foot development to avoid all manner of foot problems


Luckily, the team at Bobux are experts in kids foot health and development and can help you ensure your kids are wearing the best fitting shoes no matter their foot shape.


What is Normal Foot Width For Toddlers and Children?

When babies are first born, the bones in their feet are only just beginning to form and grow, therefore foot width varies between each child. Over the first few years of their lives, their feet will change a lot! All children develop at different rates, and so do the width of their feet!


There is not one ‘normal’ foot width for toddlers and children because their feet will grow and change so much as they develop. Children’s feet won’t actually be fully developed until the ages of 13-15 for girls and 15-18 for boys. Most toddlers and childrens will fit standard/medium width shoes.


If you want to find out more about healthy foot development check out our Ultimate Guide to Kids Foot Health.



Do Bobux Shoes Fit a Variety of Foot Widths?

It’s important that kids are fitted in shoes that are perfect for their feet. Not only is squeezing into shoes that are uncomfortable but it can also cause potential injury in the future. Bobux’s range of shoes for infants, toddlers and kids are specially designed to fit optimally and are endorsed by leading podiatrists. 


Do Bobux Shoes Come in Different Width Sizes?

All Bobux shoes are one standard width, which is slightly wider than average shoes on the market., The width is between an F-G fitting. However, some styles are more adjustable to suit a range of foot widths and shapes. Styles with double strap-closure for example can be more effectively loosened to fit wider feet, and tightened to fit narrower feet.


Choosing Shoes for Wide Kids Feet:

For kids with wide feet, fitting them in shoes with adjustable fastenings and durable outers will provide a  comfortable and supportive fit. Natural leather shoes are a great choice as they mould and adapt to the natural foot shape. 


Choosing Shoes for Narrow Kids Feet:

When fitting kids with narrower feet, it is also important to consider shoes that will ‘hug’ and support the foot. Styles that feature a ‘hook and loop’ closure are winners for both narrow and wide feet as it allows customised adjustability for the perfect fit!


Recommended Shoe Styles Wide and Narrow Feet:

Adjustable kids sandals are favourite among little one’s and their parents alike. At Bobux we have sandal styles that are completely openable and fully adjustable to cater to any foot width to keep them out and exploring!

For a little one who has just started walking, the Driftwood shoe is a perfect all-rounder no matter your kids’ foot width! For the kids who require a design that reflects their maturing foot shape, the Dimension II and the Grass Court shoes are great durable shoes with a secure fit. They both feature adjustable straps to ensure your kids can run around comfortably all day long! 


Bobux knows how important the health of our little one’s feet is and has a range of shoes that accommodate a range of foot widths with easy adjustable straps.


How To Measure Kids Foot Size

It’s important that kids of all foot sizes have shoes that support them properly and comfortably. Measuring their feet correctly could save your child a lot of discomfort and potential injury in the future. Bobux have a detailed size and fitting guide so you can easily match up your kids feet measurements to the perfect shoe for them! 


Here’s one easy way to measure your child’s feet:

  1. Get some paper, a pencil and a ruler. 
  2. Place the paper flat on the ground and against a wall
  3. Get your child to stand upright with one foot on the paper and against the wall
  4. Ensure they are bearing their weight evenly.
  5. Trace all around their foot  and toes as close as possible.
  6. Feet are often slightly different sizes, so make sure you measure both feet. 
  7. Use a ruler and measure the length from the top of the toes to the heel of the foot
  8. Make note of the measurement of the longer foot and use the conversion chart to find their perfect size!


To ensure your kids haven’t outgrown their shoes, it’s important to check the fit of their shoes regularly. Kids shoes should have a little wiggle room for comfort. A good way to check if there's enough room is by squeezing a pinkie finger between your child's shoe and their foot at the instep. If you can’t fit your finger then the shoes are too tight! 


Choosing the Right Bobux Shoes For Your Child

Choosing the best shoe for your child’s foot width and size is important to promote healthy foot development. Bobux has a great range of quality kids shoes to make sure your child’s feet are comfortable and supported - no matter their foot width! Learn more about the Bobux Stages and discover the importance of finding the best shoes for your child’s ‘stage’ not ‘age’.


Explore the range of comfortable and podiatrist approved kids shoes which are designed for easy adjustment for all-day comfort. Browse the range online and find something perfect for your little one! 


If you’re still unsure how to choose a shoe with the right width for your kid’s foot check out our detailed size and fitting guide to take the stress out of shoe shopping! Discover many more informative and helpful articles over on our blog.