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How to Clean Kids' Shoes



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How to Clean Kids' Shoes

Kids will never pass up the chance to jump in a puddle or play hide-and-go-seek in ridiculous nooks and crannies.

All this running around results in some messy, stinky shoes that are in desperate need of a thorough clean. So what’s the best way to clean their shoes?

Find out how to clean dirty suede shoes, muddy leather shoes and grimy canvas shoes, as well as how to banish that stink for good!

How to Care for Suede Soft Sole Baby Shoes

soft sole shoes for babies

Soft sole shoes are the best shoes you can get for your bub. They help feet to develop and grow healthily, protecting little feet from the elements and providing good grip as they begin to crawl.

You would think at this age it would be unlikely for babies to get their little shoes dirty. How naïve we once were. Even the littlest, cutest babies can find a way to make a mess of their shoes.

Whether they’re kicking them off when you’re out and about, or getting suitably grubby while hanging out outside, you may find those shoes gathering the grime in no time at all.

Bobux soft sole shoes have leather uppers and soft, suede soles. In order to clean these baby shoes, we don't recommend throwing them in the wash as they could come out misshapen and shrunken.

Instead, use a suede brush to brush off any dirt, and a damp cloth to wipe away any remaining grime. The leather uppers can be wiped clean using a damp cloth.

Place tissues into the shoes so they don’t lose their shape, and allow to air dry.

How to Clean Kids’ Canvas Shoes

red canvas shoe for kids

Canvas shoes are great everyday shoes for kids. They’re easy to dress up or down, but it’s important to remember they're made of cotton so they can get dirty.

It's not hard to clean canvas shoes, thankfully! If the kids have gone traipsing through mud, wait for the dirt to cake on before giving the shoes a good thump. Most of the mud should just fall off!

But if some stubborn stains remain, dip an old toothbrush in cold water mixed with a few drops of detergent for a gentle scrub.

Wash canvas shoes in a washing machine at your own risk. If you do, never put them in a dryer, as the rubber soles will warp.

How to Care for Toddler Leather Shoes

black leather kids shoe

Leather shoes are the hardiest shoes for kids, since they’re easy to clean, and to care for. Often they’ll just require a quick wipe over.

If they need a better clean, you can use a shoe brush to brush away mud and dirt. Then use a damp cloth to wipe away the excess grime.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can condition the leather using a specially formulated leather conditioner. Finally, polish them using dubbin or beeswax polish for added shine and to protect them from scuffs. You can also use a coloured nugget or coloured beeswax polish on nappa leather shoes to rejuvenate the leather after scuffing.

If you need to dry the shoes be sure to dry them in air instead of near a heater as this can damage the leather.

How to Clean Shoes with Wool Lining

kids pink boot with wool lining

Shoes with wool lining will keep kids' toes warm but anyone who has ever had a pair will understand how quickly the fur lining can get grubby and stinky!

To clean the wool lining of your kid's boots, brush the insides to release any ground-in dirt, and then turn it upside down for a good shake.

Then, using a damp cloth and a little soap, clean the insides and then go over them with a dry cloth. Leave to air dry. To make the wool fluffy again, you can blow dry on cool.

These shoes can get smelly, so be sure to clean thoroughly every few wears.

How to Clean Stinky Shoes

How on earth do our kids shoes get so smelly? Cleaning stinky kids’ shoes is probably the most hated part of being a parent (a slight exaggeration perhaps, but the stench deserves it), but it’s also completely necessary.

You can do this in several ways depending how smelly those shoes are. You can put stinky shoes in the freezer for 24 hours to kill bacteria. You can also disinfect insoles by soaking them in vinegar and hot water. Or sprinkle some bicarb soda into the shoes to suck the stench out. Kids feet sweat over twice as much as adults so theres no wonder that their shoes can become a bit woofy! There are also products on the market such as Neat Feet and Grans Remedy which can also be great for treating damp or smelly footwear.

Of course, if all hope is lost, and there’s just no way to clean those grubby, stinky shoes, it might be time to buy them a new pair. Bobux has stylish and comfy kids' shoes for your little grub! Browse our range today.