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What is BLOOM?


Bobux is proud to introduce our latest, sustainably-minded material innovation - BLOOM.

BLOOM® transforms waste bio-materials, such as algae, into renewable and restorative materials to minimise fossil fuel-based substances (plastics) in footwear and a bunch of other house-hold goods.

It is a new material made by sourcing algae out of waterways around the world and putting it through an intensive heat process to transform it into compounds mixed with traditional EVAs and rubber.

BLOOM® Materials aren’t just about reducing harm, they also give back to the environment.



Clean Water


The creation of BLOOM® Materials results in the removal of over-abundant and harmful algae from our water resulting in clean and oxygenated water being restored to the environment.



Clean Air


Repurposing waste algae into useful materials prevents it from decomposing and releasing CO2 and other harmful greenhouse gasses into our atmosphere, reducing carbon emissions and resulting in cleaner air.



What Does This Mean for My Children’s Shoes?


Bobux is now one of many successful global brands utilising BLOOM in their products. We have started off gently, as we tend to do at Bobux to make sure we take careful steps at all times, and included it in our Grass Court and High Court footbeds and the outsoles of our Marvels. In both these styles, BLOOM makes up 20% of the material ratio resulting in 1.4 to 3.2 liters of clean water per pair.


As normal, Bobux has wear-tested the product and ensured it is safe for your little one’s feet. There is no odour or any textural difference as it is a particle within the regular material.We made the in-sole colour bright green just for fun! And so you know, you’ve picked an environmentally minded option.



BLOOM'S History


Bloom was conceived in 2007 when founder Ryan Hunt discovered after years of research that algae biomass (which is very rich in protein) when placed under significant heat, pressure and time, will undergo a plasticisation process. He realised this technological development could assist the world in solving our growing pollution problems. That algae could be used to help remove the harmful levels of phosphorus and ammonia present in industrial and agricultural waste-water causing harmful algae blooms and water quality issues, while also reducing the use of plastic In 2016, BLOOM, an Algix brand, launched the world’s first algae-blended EVA to the footwear industry as a sustainable ingredient in flexible foams for high rebound applications such as shoes, sporting products, and accessories. 


Learn more on BLOOM's website: