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Lighter, tougher, bendier, the Xplorer is the perfect shoe for little cruisers as they embark on their earliest upright adventures. Grabbing hold of chairs and tables to heighten their perspective, little cruising kids are just starting to inspect the world from a new upstanding angle.


Cruisers' feet are just beginning to form, their heels and tiny toes are starting to take shape allowing them to stand when supported. Their feet are still soft, chubby and cute with flat pads and no arches.
Their Moves
Cruisers aren’t quite standing by themselves yet, but they’re starting to pull themselves up on furniture. They can stand when supported and are excited and curious to see the world at a new angle. They still crawl around with nothing to hold on to but will soon be taking their earliest solo steps.
Cruisers’ feet are still changing every day, so soft materials and considered designs give them a full range of movement and the freedom to develop naturally. Xplorer shoes are lightweight and durable to protect babies' feet as they start to stand. Grippy textured soles help babies push against surfaces and the reinforced toe-caps protect tiny little toes as they crawl around. The Xplorer sole was expertly designed to flex with your child’s movement, allowing their feet to strengthen naturally as they grow and start to explore.


Little cruisers are getting closer and closer to becoming little walkers. Such a monumental task demands the perfect shoe. Shaped just like chubby cruiser feet, the Xplorer carefully mimics the movement of kids as they learn to take their earliest tender steps.

Designed in New Zealand

made in Indonesia and Vietnam

Xplorer RANGE


Loved by kids. Approved by the Experts.

Every Bobux sole system was designed in consultation with podiatrists and every one of our shoes built to exacting standards for healthy feet. Our carefully selected materials are endorsed by podiatrists all over the world for their breathability and flexible range of movement.
REACH Tested
Bobux Shoes are sold all over the globe, including in the European Union where you’ll find some of the strictest laws on chemical substances in the world. Known as REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals), the regulation exists to protect human health and the environment from the harm of chemicals.
Every Bobux shoe is designed right here in New Zealand in our Bobux offices, and needs to meet our own rigid criteria before it moves to manufacturing. We work closely with our manufacturing partners in Indonesia with our own staff visiting our manufacturers every day.