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Babies + Crawlers

Bobux Soft Sole is the original all-leather, ultra-soft shoe that gently protects and comforts babies’ growing feet. Little feet need to be protected, but they also need the freedom to grow and develop naturally, the Bobux founders designed the Original Soft Sole almost 30 years ago to be like a second skin.


Crawlers' feet are mostly cartilage, with just the beginnings of tiny bones. Their adorable little feet are flat and squishy without arches. They have chubby little ankles, square toes that curl down and heels that aren’t quite defined yet.
Their Moves
Bum shuffling, tummy rolling, sitting and crawling. Crawlers haven’t yet tried to stand, they’re just starting to explore the world on all fours. They’re curious to explore the world around them and might drag themselves around on their tummies. The journey is only just beginning.
Newborn feet are so malleable that rigid shoes or even tight-fitting socks could affect their healthy development. Bobux Soft Soles are made from flexible leather to protect little feet while giving their feet the freedom to develop naturally. Featuring a soft suede sole, an unlined leather upper and an elasticated ankle to keep kids from kicking them off! Friendly fun characters stitched atop the fronts of the shoes with faces that look towards babies to spark early imaginations. Bobux Soft Soles guide your little one on their earliest indoor adventures.


The Bobux Soft Sole is designed for infants who are learning to crawl confidently, but can also be used by bigger kids as an inside shoe. The genius of a Soft Sole is in its simplicity. It’s made from a suede sole, an unlined leather upper and an elasticated ankle. That’s the simple part. The genius part is that this simple formula protects delicate feet while giving them the freedom to develop naturally.

Designed in New Zealand

made in Indonesia & Vietnam



Loved by kids. Approved by the Experts.

Every Bobux sole system was designed in consultation with podiatrists and every one of our shoes built to exacting standards for healthy feet. Our carefully selected materials are endorsed by podiatrists the world over for their breathability and flexible range of movement.
REACH Tested
The Bobux Soft Sole is sold all over the globe, including in the European Union where you’ll find some of the strictest laws on chemical substances in the world. Known as REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals), the regulation exists to protect human health and the environment from the harm of chemicals.
Every Bobux shoe is designed right here in New Zealand in our Bobux offices, and needs to meet our own rigid criteria before it moves to manufacturing. We work closely with our manufacturing partners in Indonesia and Vietnam with our own staff visiting our manufacturers every day.