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Leading by example

Our Expertise

Designed from the sole up, hand crafted with care. We make the shoes that your kids will love.

A wealth of knowledge

The world’s best shoes for growing feet

At Bobux, everything we do is built on a core philosophy of not just making good shoes, but making the best shoes for your children as they grow, develop and learn to explore the world around them. It’s a philosophy that drives us to continually improve everything we do, in our design, in our craft, in our understanding of foot health and in every other part of our business.

After 31 years of making the world’s best shoes for growing feet, we believe we’ve learnt a thing or two. From infants to toddlers, preschool to school, read on for more about how we make the shoes that podiatrists approve and your kids will love.

Knowledge in

Shoe Design

Shoe Design

We design our shoes for the shape of children’s feet, for the way that children move, for the best fitting children’s shoes in the world. At every stage, for every age, making the world’s best children’s shoes starts with great design.

Expertise in

Foot Health

Foot Health

Making the world’s best children’s shoes requires a deep understanding of how kids move, grow, play and develop. We work closely with paediatric podiatrists and movement scientists to guide us in making the shoes that your kids love.

Experience in

Crafting Shoes

Crafting Shoes

Almost every piece of a Bobux shoe is made by hand before being lovingly assembled by people who care. From thoughtfully selected leather, the softest merino wool and the world’s smartest knits, our people craft the best shoes for growing feet.